Multi Engine Rating

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A Multi engine rating takes flying to a whole new level and experience.With this endorsment a pilot can later in his career can undergo type rating for larger aircrafts and also becomes eligible to obtain Group 1 Instrument Rating a.k.a Multi Engine Instrument Rating.

The Training

A Couple hours of familiarization and getting use to the aircraft and a few more hours on maneuvering and a few final touch ups here and there and then the final test of flight.


  • License : Private / Commercial Pilot License - Aeroplane
  • Medical : Cat 1 or Cat 3 by a Civil Aviation Medical Examiner

Transport Canada Minimum Requirements

There are no minimum requirements for this training besides holding a private or commercial pilot license
  • Transport Canada Flight Test

Type: Full Time / Part Time

Duration: 2 Weeks(Full Time)* / 3 Weeks (Part Time)*

* The given duration is based on an average course completion rate. The training is done at students pace and progress.

Course Expense

The hours used to calculate the course expense based on Transport Canada minimums. Any additional training required to meet standards will be charged at the applicable rates.
NOTE: These prices do not include applicable taxes & fuel surcharges. All prices are in Canadian Dollars ($CAD).

For Pay-As-You-Go Students

Particulars Rate Price
10 Hours on Piper Seneca II PA34-200T - Dual Training $ 370.00/hr $ 3,700.00
5 Hours Simulator Training $ 110/hr $ 550.00
5 Hours Ground Breifing $ 60/hr $ 300.00
Total Fees (in CAD$) $ 4,550.00

Incidental Fees (estimated)

Particulars Price
Flight Test Examiner Fee $ 450.00
Transport Canada Licensing + AP Fee $ 50.00