Flight Training in Canada-Take to the Air with Most Holistic Institute

“Flying high above the clouds”, “being like a bird and spreading the wings” are some imaginative phrases used by many, who want to get liberated from various social shackles. However, the phrases become actuality when a person undertakes to learn flight training. Flying a plane evokes a number of feelings beyond understanding the technicalities of driving a vehicle that flies. The world of aviation helps in transporting people from one place to another through air route and operating an aircraft. Flight training is an entirely practical proposition, which depends totally on ‘learn-by-doing’ process.

The USP of BlueBird’s Courses:

Unlike other courses, whose foundations lie in theories, the primary lessons of flight training may involve sitting in a cockpit. The training courses provide the most comprehensive approach to obtaining the licenses pertaining to Private Pilot, Commercial Pilot. Moreover, they also help in getting a permit to operate as a Recreational Pilot. There is also a convenient procedure for flight renting in Canada. The flight partners offer aircraft for scenic and intro flights, for taking leisure trips or for simply checking the flying skills. It is important to meet the flight training and renting criteria procedure to attend the course sessions or to obtain the rented planes.

Pre-Requisites for PPL and CPL:

To become a licensed Private Pilot, an aspirant needs to be above 17 years of age. Also, he/she must fulfil the Cat 3 or Cat 1 scans by Civil Aviation Medical Examiner. The course of a Private Pilot generally lasts for 3-6 months. The duration depends on the full time or part time availability of students enrolled in a pilot school in Canada. The training includes solo and dual X-country flights, ground schooling, written exam and flight test conducted by Transport Canada. The Commercial Pilot License obtainment is the second stage after crossing the Private Pilot stage. It comprises of advanced ground schooling and fine-tuning of flying skills by instructors to capacitate the aspirants for Airplanes. A candidate, who is not less than 18 years should pass the CAT 1 scan by a Civil Aviation Medical Examiner, of a candidate

Permit for Recreational Pilots: For hobby flyers, it takes the training of 1-3 months to get the Recreational Pilot Permit. The lessons include a minimum total of 25 hours of flying experience.  The criterion for such a program is that a student should be aged 16 years or above. Further, he should have passed the Cat 4, Cat 3 or Cat 1 tests by a Civil Aviation Medical Examiner. The Bluebird Flight Academy, a private Aviation school in Canada offers tailor-made training packages to aspirant pilots apart from being an aircraft rental partner. It renders the services of rented planes for solo or dual cross country flying or introductory flying. Planes with pilots are also available on rent for scenic or recreational flying.